Parade no. 9

Proem Parades on Svinkløv Badehotel


As a tribute to handcrafted details and the powerful nature,
the images capturing Parade 9 are taken at the iconic Svinkløv Badehotel.
Located next to the rough Vesterhav and covered by dunes, the hotel is like a hidden pearl.  The joyous life at Svinkløv Badehotel captures the essence of the values of Proem Parades.
Relaxed, comfortable, confident and a compliment to the beauty of nature and natural choices. The love for handcraft, traditions and details are key for both the hotel and Proem Parades, whereas beauty and quality can only go hand in hand.


“Parade no. 9 is, like the other antecedent 8 collections, made from the idea of building a wardrobe excisiting of iconic favourites. Seasons and trends are of no importance as the Proem look is always casual, confident and exclusively handcrafted. The goal is to make clothing easy to style, layer and use everyday for all aspects in life while feeling comfortable & confident.” Lærke


The relationship between Svinkløv and Proem Parades is based on mutual values. Louise, who in partnership with her husband Kenneth, is the tenant at the hotel is a customer at Proem Parades so the interest for one another started with a love for the same aesthetics and values. Louise & Kenneth have opened their arms and invited us in, in the best and most generous way people can do. This campaign is therefore also a gratitude to relationships, kindness and karma.
As a note to this we are really excited to launch our new initiative all about sharing, called The Paraders. This will be presented at the beginning of July. 


“The waistcoat in all its shapes, woven or knitted, is a true Proem item. We both love the number of ways this piece can be styled and the functionality is exceptional as it is suitable all year round. Martha Wool Waistcoat is perfectly tailored for a work uniform look, but can easily be more relaxed combined with casual cotton like the Magda styles underneath”.  Stine  

Our philosophy is that every day is precious and we should all embrace life, wearing our silks on a Tuesday, while treating the planet the best way we can.
The airy dresses in seersucker cotton,  soft silk shorts, delicate tops & shirt dresses are all wardrobe pieces meant for living. The soft pastel sorbet yellow color is a significant sign of optimism. 


“After a long period of few or even none social events I really feel like dressing up. I’ll never be one wearing sequins and neon colors, as my personal style is more relaxed. I am going to wear the powersuit - the Norma Silk Blazer and the Norma Silk Shorts with lots of jewelleries and let the quality of the clothing & fabric have all the shine”. Lærke


As normally the Parade 9 consists of both items you want to wear now, and clothing you pre-order and wait for until autumn slowly approaches.
We ask you to think a little further and wait for your clothes so we can target the production and avoid creating waste, but also to remind you that quality clothing takes time. If you take a close look at the signature pieces, like Ferlov Wool Coat and all the details, you will know why.  


Every Summer I feel like waking up, jumping into my comfy shorts, Augusta tee - a simple but elegant jersey tee that we have been working on and testing for a long time, and my Uma sweater. As the day transcends and the afternoon sun is orange, I’ll wear a voluminous dress that I can easily transform into an evening appointment by layering with the silk blazer and a woolen waistcoat as the blue hour approaches and my bike takes me home.. “ Stine


All love & kisses

Stine & Lærke



Campaign is shot by Petra Kleis