Uma Unikum Sweater

The magical Uma Sweater is a soft, natural and beautiful friend for life. 

It is a tribute to authentic craftsmanship, made entirely from scratch. The raw wool is hand carted, and the yarns are locally spun & knitted. Playing only with the original colors from the animals, it is mixed from the finest materials from different sheep, alpacas and the samojede dog, whose fibers gives a soft glow beyond beauty. The limited yarns are made exclusively by our inhouse yarn magician Per, and every sweater is unique. 

When you sign up for a sweater, you are on a waiting list. As soon as you are the first in line, the next sweater available will be yours if you choose it. We will send you pictures, sometimes you will have options to choose from. If you choose one, it will be sent to your home with 48 hours to make a final decision. If you choose to send it back you will still keep your place on the list until the next sweater will be offered to you. The sweaters are all different, and we cannot always control which colors and combinations that will be made first in line. 

You will be 1st in line until you choose to keep your unique favourite hand knitted piece of art.

We do our very best to process the Uma Sweater keeping a natural and respectful pace to the time that it takes.The waiting time can be up to 6 months, but sometimes there is a loophole and the time will not be that long at all. We keep in touch as long as your order is running. 

Uma Unikum is a pre-order and half the amount is payed when placing the order - the rest when you have a keeper in your closet.