looking back, looking forward - when differences come together to inspire

Eva, Petra & Maj

On a sunny late summer day in August, we went to Malmö to Visit Petra Olsson Gendt, her mother Eva & her daughter Maj, in Petra (and her family´s) beautiful spacious apartment in Malmö.  

We feel very lucky to be invited into a home so inspiring and personally curated with art pieces from a life that obviously is filled with creativity. 

During the visit we had a down to earth talk around the family table about creativity, wardrobe, differences & generations.

Also, we were a bit curious to find out why all 3 of them choose to wear outfits from Proem Parades in their daily lives…..

“I guess you naturally pass on some of your own interests to your kids, but it does not always happen at once”.

Petra always wanted for her own children to be exposed to art and to be creative, like she had been herself, visiting museums, especially when travelling as a child. 

Petra recalls a situation from when her son Gustav was a child, and the family visited an art museum.  

 “He was not interested at all, and he did not say a single thing. But then half a year later I overheard him talking to his granddad about this exact exhibition”

"So after all some impression it must have left him".

The beloved family dog Olle under Mirror Balloons by Jeppe Hein.

For Petra it has definitely been a challenge to balance a time demanding interesting work life, and finding the time to make creativity become an everyday exercise with the kids.

“Time is slipping through our fingers so easily, but whenever it was possible during vacation or sometimes weekends, the paper and gouaches were out”. 

Maj however remembers how they often visited museums when she was a child, and how her brothers and herself always were drawing whenever they had waiting time during holidays. Today she spends a lot of time drawing, and wants to pursue the dream of attending an art school in either Paris or Copenhagen.

Today, Petra cherishes the small moments when she and her now almost grown-up children are doing a drawing session together. 

"For us, this is a way to connect".

When it comes to these three beauties, they are brought up with very different takes on a wardrobe. 

We all agree that some of the values from Eva’s generation is something we should revisit and implement in how we build and use our wardrobe today. 

"The tiny wardrobe. Only one elegant summer dress, worn year after year for every birthday party or picnic.

 Only one winter coat, repaired and cared for, for many years....Things did not just go out of style like that", Eva says.


"I come from the worst generation. I grew up shopping and consuming," Petra says.

"In addition to that, I get nostalgic about the things I own and keep them, so things just get stacked up. Don´t call me a mad collector, but close enough", Petra giggles. 

Majs generation is much more into circularity - they sell stuff or pass them on when they do not use them any longer. At least in this way they get more conscious about what they use. I think that is an important development. 

"The three of us all have items from Proem Parades. It started with my mom, and then I kept borrowing this knitwear piece until she got me one for my own wardrobe. Now I have several pieces and I find it easy to mix them well with other stuff from my closet that is actually not even the exact same style", Maj says.

I like the concept behind pre-ordering and leftover fabrics. I know exactly what I like and what I do not like, and i just found some items that I really use a lot.

It feels like there is something positive in society - age is somehow getting more and more fluent....

The timeless design is ........A 19 year old and a 76 year old can wear the same outfit and feel confident...that is beautiful.

“ I really like the quality and the colour palette - to me many of these items are timeless classics", Eva says. 

Petra Olsson Gendt co-own Copenhagen based design studio All The Way To Paris with her longtime friend and business partner Tanja Vibe. 

They have for nearly 2 decades set the tone of aesthetics in the metropoles of the north, working with design concepts and interiors. 


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Photography by Petra Kleis / www.petrakleis.com