Warm & Woolen Friends

We do Parades

Our next Parades will take place in the beginning of March.

Build a responsible wardrobe by choosing longevity, quality and clothing made with care for the planet.
3-4 times a year we host a cozy event that we call a Parade, taking place in Copenhagen and sometimes Aarhus & Aalborg.

Our collection is shown in three sizes, and you can touch the fabrics and try the fit to ensure it is just the right garment for you. We will be there to guide you and tell you all the unique stories behind the items.

We do both made-to-order styles, and items for direct sale in limited stock made from leftover fabrics.
Made-to-order means that we only produce whatever you purchase, and by this concept together we go against mass consumerism. You pay half the amount upon order placement and the rest upon delivery. We start the production after collecting all the orders and in this way we can target the production and minimize waste. You will have to wait for your order to be finished, sometimes only a few weeks, sometimes 6-8 weeks and in some cases with hand knitted pieces even longer....
As many of our products are made in exclusive leftover fabrics many styles only come in limited numbers. This gives your garment an exclusive feature - in other words: when you pay a fair amount of money for a garment, you can rest assured most likely you will be the only one wearing it!

Stine & Lærke

Here are a few moodings from one of our Parades in August.