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Introducing 1 hour Private Parades

2020 June 19, 20, 21 & 22nd. 
At Skagerak Flagship Store

Put a free entrance ticket in the basket and join us for a Parade.

We are introducing Private Parades... this new concept allows us to meet you in a bit more private way, since we will only be 10 people including us, at each small cozy Parade, lasting for 1 hour.

Around one week before show start we will release a video featuring a collection presentation. This allows you to be well prepared, when we meet around the fashionable and sustainable wardrobe, in the bright and alluring surroundings at Skagerak Flagship Store. 

The concept will be the same as usual, yet interpreted into the new world we all navigate in. The message however, is the same as always; build a responsible wardrobe by choosing longevity, quality and styleable clothing made with care for the planet. The collection is shown in three sizes, and you can touch the fabrics and try the fit to ensure it is just the right garment for you.

Again we will be presenting both Made-to-order styles and limited stock made from leftover fabrics along with our beloved essentials. Made-to-order means we only produce whatever you purchase and by this concept together we go against mass consumerism and minimize waste.
After placing your order the products will be delivered to you 30 to 80 days later, depending on the style.
As some of our products are made in exclusive leftover fabrics many styles only come in limited numbers. This gives your garment an exclusive feature - in other words: when you pay a fair amount of money for a garment, you can rest assured most likely you will be the only one wearing it!
Honestly looking forward to seeing your friendly faces again, and we are so excited to be able to give you more personal and individual styling guidance meanwhile. 

Stine & Lærke

Here are a few moodings from our last Parades at Skagerak in February.

This time we will be needing a lot less chairs...