Proem Parades x Norr & Leo Studio

 On the 24/11 we visit favourite town Aarhus for a reunion at the cozy and stylish 'Norr & Leo Studio', located Park Allé 7, 8000 Aarhus C. 

 Stop by for an all day cheerful pop up from 11am to 21.00 pm, showing off our best essentials as well as a the fresh launch of a couple of state-of-the-art items for pre-order. 

 More info will soon follow......

The inspiring space at art and interior 'Norr and Leo Studio`.

Our iconic made-to-order Uma Unikum Sweater

3-4 times a year we host a cozy event that we call a Parade, taking place in Copenhagen and sometimes popping up at chosen locations in the rest of the country. At the event we showcase our collection in three sizes, and here you will have the chance to touch the fabrics and try the fit to ensure it is just the right garment for you. 

We will be there to guide you and tell you all the unique stories behind the items.

The collection presented at the Parades features both made-to-order styles and ready-to-buy items made from leftover fabrics. 

Made-to-order means that we only produce whatever you purchase, and in this case you pay half the amount upon order placement and the rest upon delivery. 

Once all orders have been collected, we start the production, and this means you will have to wait patiently for your order to be finished. Sometimes, this only takes a few weeks, while with other items – like our handmade knitwear – it will take longer. However, as with most other good things in life, the wait is always worth the while…

As many of our products are made in leftover fabrics, many styles are only available in a limited number. This gives your garment an exclusive feature – meaning that when you pay a fair amount of money for one of our garments, you can rest assured most likely you will be the only one wearing it. 

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