the essence parades

the octopus

The everyday life of an octopus woman is the feeling we all know when balancing in between the different moods and situations we bump into throughout a normal day. All the different faces we need when navigating through jobs, family affairs, social events, tough days, sunny days and all that in between.. The outfit you wear needs to be transformable and comfortable so you embrace the day with confidence and ease.

the essence parades

take me out

For the days that offer a little more sparkling than normally. When going out straight after work, for many hours being social, on dinners that evolve to festive moods, being cultural or just letting go of all tensions - what you need is beautiful effortless clothing that make you feel your best version. Cheers.

the essence parades

sunday zen

Preparing for a new week on Sundays requires recharging. Some fuel on hugs, selfcare, reading and gentle conversations with loved ones. Others go on long walks, meals with friends and fresh air. Whatever makes you thrive is good, but what we all need is comfortable clothes in natural materials that allow you to breathe.

personalized hand embroidery

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