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Pre-Orders / How does it work

When you order a pre-order style it means for you as a customer that you order a product and receive it after production.  We ask of you to wait for the items you buy, since the items have not yet been made by the manufacturer at the point of order.  

For us as company pre-ordering means that we only produce the quantity and sizes of the products sold in advance. 

When we launch a new collection online there is an “order window” on our pre-order styles, usually a week, where orders come in. When the “window “ closes, production begins. 

When you purchase a pre-order style 50% of the price is payed upon order, and the last 50% of the price when the product is produced and ready to be sent to you.  When order is ready you receive a payment link to complete the order.

You can always find information about the status of production, production place and the expected delivery time for your pre-order on the product page which will be visible on our web-shop during production time.  

In this way together we reduce the number of unsold items and stocks. It varies how many of our styles in a collection launch that are pre-order styles. Our goal is to continually increase the number of pre-orders to keep minimising wastage. 

FAQ Pre-orders