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collection 19 online launch - sunday 20pm


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"These different "roles" are just different reflections of me 

- but they´re all me, and I am also changing with time and experiences"

- Josefine Meyer 

Josefine Meyer is the face of our collection 14. 

Educated from Copenhagen Business School and working as a legal advisor, Josefine Meyer balances her everyday working life with her more creative sides and interests shared on her instagram profile, which is a mix of beautiful eye-catching and humorous fragmented snapshots.

We were happy to be invited into her beautiful home and neighbourhood in the heart of Copenhagen.

Now it's time to get to know the person behind.

"I remember a long time ago - when I was still in highschool - my sister told me that she thought a life should develop into a feeling of only doing your favourite subject. I feel like that has become true for me, but I do not only have one favourite subject.  I really enjoy the intellectual stimulation and challenges of my work as a legal advisor. I also focus on doing things that energize me, make me feel connected and safe, like traveling, working out and running".

"I definitely recharge with family and friends - With them I can be completely myself and express and release the tensions that build up otherwise - that’s kind of like my recess. 

I have always loved expressing myself through images, clothes and style, even from when I was very young. So having my instagram as a hobby feels like my fun after-school activity.

I think having these different shifting roles in my life gives me energy and also space to process and find motivation and clarity when things aren’t going so well in one area".

Photo: Josefine Meyer

"I absolutely love styling my essential wardrobe with vintage treasures. The best thing about summer in Copenhagen for me is the flea markets. I love second-handing and vintage shopping, and my  favourite places to go are: Racks Copenhagen at Frederiksberg, Nummer 82 - Red Cross, Onkel Dannys loppemarked (and) Rita’s Blå Lopper and many more".

Wearing Edith Camel Melange Jumper & Esmer coat in Black. Scarf is vintage.

Photo: Josefine Meyer

Photo: Josefine Meyer

I’ve loved taking pictures since I was a little kid. I am from that generation where I have never really *not* had a camera phone at hand. It's so easy to make the connection when I see something I think is interesting - I can take the picture quickly and easily. 

My favourite meal is breakfast, and that never fails for me.  I have always had a huge appetite in the morning. The morning routine at home - making coffee, sitting down to eat and drink some warm coffee while waking up - is something I really enjoy, especially on the weekends when there’s more time. But food in general is a passion of mine. 

We recently moved to be closer to the centre of the city. I like it a lot here. Everything is nearby. Friends live close, everything is walkable, and I feel really lucky to live so centrally.  

The daily rush gives me energy, but we also love going for late night walks when the streets are kind of empty.   I think that seeing different people with different energies, playing different roles, going about their everyday business, inspires me. Both the people on the bikes, and the tourists walking around and taking it all in. 

I really love people watching, especially when people have made an effort to express themselves through what they’re wearing. It feels fun to be part of a space that has that energy of newness and unpredictability. 

Wearing Petra Knit Vest in black & Norma Cherry Blazer.

Wearing Svala Stripe Cashmere Sweater, Iben Corduroy vest & Ruth Coat.

Wearing Ferlov Wool Chocolate Coat & Rakel Cashmere Trousers

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Photography by Petra Kleis /