This is us

Proem Parades is proudly made for the conscious and quality minded woman. 

The approach is holistic, and all our products are made within the frame of maximum use and minimum impact on the environment, always. 

We do wardrobe, characterized by understated luxury, ease and confidence. Creating outfits that can easily transform from casual daywear into elegant eveningwear, it is clothing you can keep from season to season meant to last for a lifetime. 

We design the items that we desire in our own wardrobe, less in numbers but more luxurious, better quality and more function. The modern women plays so many roles in her daily life so naturally her outfits must be transformable.

We parade for a clever fashion decade to come. That’s why we do Parades.

You can read more about Parades here.

Lærke Nikolajsen & Stine Brynjolf

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