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planet nusa x proem parades - sunday 7pm


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Natural Fibers

In order to ensure that every product is capable of joining a future cycle of reuse, we only produce in natural fibers.

Made To Order

Producing on demand is our main call in order to avoid waste.


We aim to be 100% transparent in everything we do.

Closet Keepers

Our design philosophy is built upon making the clothes that stay in your wardrobe for the longest time possible, and with the highest frequency of use.

Repair Service

We offer free domestic repair service on all garments to make your wardrobe stay alive as long as possible.


We make sure to work only with the most skilled and quality minded suppliers to ensure the highest quality and durability.

We work in close partnerships, cultivating strong relationships based on trust and mutual respect. Each partner is carefully selected on the basis of their unique competences and the fact that they share our sustainable values and strong code of ethics.

Dead Stock Fabrics

We use dead stock fabrics whenever it is possible.

No Sale Policy

We have a strict No Sale policy, since we do not believe in the concept of products on sale.

Certified Materials

When producing anything from virgin materials we only use organic fabrics from GOTS certified suppliers.

Wash & Care

We inform and educate how to treat your garment to last.

When we pass on the product we also pass on some of the responsibility for a long life and even an eternal circular life, to you! How you treat your wardrobe, is crucial for its longevity.