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planet nusa x proem parades - sunday 7pm


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Post life

The entire foundation of Proem Parades is based on minimizing waste and making the consumer choose the right products. By creating a concept that makes the end consumer think in an innovative and visionary way we hopefully already at this point limit the impulsive kind of shopping that often leads to mis-selling. However there will always be some products that you do not use as much as expected, therefore we encourage you to think circular and give the garment a new life after you are done with it.

This is what we recommend:

  • Give the garment to someone else who will care for it.
  • Swap with someone else and benefit from others hidden treasures.
  • Sell it through a second shop or at a flea market.
  • Throughout the last couple of years many companies have specialized in leasing exclusive clothing. Contact the one you prefer.
  • Give it to charity (locally or Internationally depending on you preferences).
  • Upcycling; If you are creative yourself, transform the garment to something new like kids clothing, exclusive accessories (like silk scrunchies), new dish towels (if it is a cotton quality) and so on.
  • When your clothing is worn out give it to one the larger companies who collect clothing for reuse.