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collection 19 online launch - sunday 20pm


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Walk the talk

With a strong vision of complete transparency in the whole production chain, and an uncompromising no sale policy, we strive to create a responsibly produced wardrobe creating minimum waste. Our approach is holistic, and all our products are made within the frame of maximum use and minimum impact on the environment, avoiding mass consumerism.

We create long lasting understated luxurious products in best quality made from certified responsible fabrics, from leftover fabrics, as well as locally produced products that tributes original craftsmanship. Timeless favourites that easily style items from previous collections with new, worn again and again.

A responsible wardrobe comes mostly on demand. It is our goal to slowly change our consumers (and fashion consumers in general) behavior and make it the new normality to “buy on demand”. Waiting for your clothes is a conscious act that brings to light the actual value of a piece of clothing and furthermore makes it possible to produce only what is sold already, with a minimum of waste. It is our ambition to end up creating 80% on demand.

Through our physical and digital Parade events, which are a part of our core business model, we ensure that we can directly educate and inspire our end consumers towards a more sustainable way of consuming textile and fashion, as well as we can collect valuable data in order to target our production, minimizing waste.  

Read what we do to create the responsible wardrobe.