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planet nusa x proem parades - sunday 7pm


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Made to order

More and more apparel companies are, luckily, changing their conventional production to a more sustainable supply chain resulting in an end product that has a more CSR friendly profile.

However one of the big problems in the industry is the overproduction and mass consumerism. The industry simply produces too much clothing in poor qualities, offering low prices and with a very short longevity.

Our concept is rooted in the foundation of preventing overproduction and producing clothing that can live for a long time, hopefully even with a second life.

We produce what you purchase and by making made-to-order in this way we minimize the waste and mass consumerism, together.

Made-to-order is all about presence and relations.

Meeting the end-consumer, like we do at our Parades, gives us a unique possibility to enlighten our participants with our stories, vision and information about our supply chain.

We are open minded and wish to inform our customers about the origin of our products.

Keeping the direct contact to our customers is not only inspirational and fun, it also gives us the unique possibility of offering a fair price for the products.

Since we do not have to think about a second part, we can make high quality products without asking for extremely high prices. In the end this benefits our customers, and that feels good.