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collection 19 online launch - sunday 20pm


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What is a Parade? 

Our Parades are in-person events where we showcase our collection. This happens 3-4 times a year and is taking place in Copenhagen. At the parades you will have the chance to touch the fabrics and try on a style to ensure it is just the right garment for you. Learn more.

How do I participate in a Parade?

To participate in one of our Parades you will have to pre-book a ticket on our website. The ticket is free, but since seatings are limited, you will have to pre-book in advance. Sign up to our newsletter or stay updated on our Instagram account @proem_parades to learn when the next parade will take place. 

Will I be able to shop at a Parade? 

Yes, you will be able to invest in all available items of a new collection. But not all items are ready to take home. All pre-order styles are available for ordering; however, they will not be delivered to you until after they have been produced. Learn more about a pre-order purchase here.