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Relations & suppliers


Our hand knitted products are made in Denmark. 

We are very proud of our ‘Made in Denmark’ tag!

Our hand knitted products have an extraordinary story. It is a story in which animals and people work together, closely and always with the natural fibers and look in mind.

In United Kingdom there are small organic farmers that keep Leicester Longwool sheeps, a rare and native breed. The sheeps live in the hilly landscape and are taken care of by the farmers with the only two purposes of maintaining the breed and to work with the very distinctive fleece. The Leicester Longwool sheep has very long fibres and a special and natural luster that can be compared to mother of pearl.


When the yarnrolls are finished the specially made knit items are hand knitted in Tingbjerg, Denmark. As a part of a developing and integration project called igne:oya copenhagen, we team up with two super skilled knitters Aisha and Rubina. They have amazing personalities and to us it feels like they have put some of their spirit in the work that they do.

When you choose a hand knitted item from Proem Parades please continue the story and give the product a long life.. 



Our organic cotton is made in the southern India by a GOTS certified supplier. GOTS is the short name for the Global Organic Textile Standard and is an international certification, that makes sure the entire supply chain of the garment is controlled. From farming to the manufacturing of the product. The certification along with our good and friendly cooperation with the supplier assure us we are aligned when it comes to values and conduct.


Equal relationships and respect for one another are important values for us. Therefore we are really happy with our Chinese manufacturer situated in Hangzhou, China. This supplier is a collaborating partner as well as a friend, and has throughout our many years in the fashion industry while working together, shown us the most amazing results. Perfect finish, spot on tailor cuttings and a clever mind always looking for the best solutions. Therefore we are really happy about having created a concept for our collaboration that benefits both parts.

From this supplier we only use exclusive leftover fabrics. It is always high quality fabrics that have low quantity left. By choosing a fabric that is already produced, we minimize the environmental impact. Why support mass production of new fabrics when there already is so much high quality fabrics in stock, ready to be used?!

The second supplier we are using in China is located in Shanghai. This supplier is also a dear and well trusted friend, known to us for many years of cooperation, and with a close and friendly dialogue we mainly produce our all over printed made-to-order styles here.