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planet nusa x proem parades - sunday 7pm


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What's a Parade

What's a Parade?

Four times a year we host a sales event called Parade. During the event we showcase our collections for all women who are curious, open minded and care about how and why they build up their wardrobe.

It is an embrazing event where every woman (and man) who are curious about contributing to a new sustainable way of act, are welcome.

There will be music playing and bobbles in your glass but most importantly the atmosphere is informal and enlightening. Building up your wardrobe, is suppose to be recharging and with the respect for the time you need figuring out what, and if, it is the right product for you.

The collection is shown in three sizes so you can touch the fabric and try the fit, to make sure it is just the right garment for you. We only produce what you purchase and by making made-to-order in this way we minimize the waste and mass consumerism, together. After buying the products it will be delivered at your home 4 to 10 weeks later, depending on the style.

Some of our products are made in exclusive leftover fabrics and therefore the number of styles cannot be raised. This gives your garment an exclusive feature, since there will only be a limited number in exactly this fabric. In other words - when you pay a fair amount of money for a garment and wear to your next evening party, breakfast club or business meeting, most likely you will be the only one wearing it!

Our webshop features seasonless essentials and carry-overs from former collections. If you are curious for the entire collection sign up to our next Parade by “purchasing” a Parade Pass.

Your participation is free, but since we only have a limited number of seats please inform us if you are unable to join or if you change your mind, then we can give it to someone else.

Bring your friends, we would love to meet you.

What's a Parade

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