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birthday bounce - wednesday 8pm


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Since the launch of our first collection in 2019, our guiding mantra has been to design with authenticity and heart. 

Our designs reflect the items that we desire in our own wardrobe, less in numbers, but more luxurious and functional. The garments are characterized by understated luxury, ease and confidence, with the flexibility to be transformed from casual daywear into elegant evening wear. It is clothing you can keep and wear season after season, meant to be used and styled in endless numbers of times.


It is the interpretation of the classic shirt, with new details or a different silhouette, and the knitted sweater you always turn to, for summer nights or under your coat during a long winter. It is the cool silk dress that, because of its thickness and wearability, becomes your everyday-favorite, even though you thought silky dresses were only for nights out dancing. In short, it is the sophisticated, versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched freely for any look and occasion – always with a clean cut and acute attention to detail.