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Made in China


We have known Yang, a female force and co-owner of 3U-silk, a manufacturer located in Hangzhou, China, now for almost a decade.

Our special agreement, sourcing high quality leftover fabrics exclusively for Proem Parades, is a sign of true commitment and support of small growing businesses just like ours. Steven, our daily contact with 3U is a skilled project manager and our collaboration means the world to us. Yang and Steven always deliver amazing results, with a perfect finish, immaculate tailoring and an uncompromising eye for the best solutions. Yang and Steven are not only our suppliers but our relationship has grown into friendship across borders, and we really hope to see them again some day in real life.


Our Chinese supplier is located here:

Hangzhou 3U Silk Co., Ltd

Room 1205 & 1206, Unit 1, The City Sky International Business Center,

Tiancheng Road, Hangzhou 310004, China