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Made in Denmark

The magical Uma Sweater & Beanie are soft, natural and beautiful friends for life, made in Denmark.

It is a tribute to authentic craftsmanship, made entirely from scratch. The raw wool is hand carted, and the yarns are locally spun & knitted. Playing only with the original colors from the animals, it is mixed from the finest materials from different sheep, alpacas and the samojede dog, whose fibers gives a soft glow beyond beauty. The limited yarns are made exclusively by our in house yarn magician Per, and every sweater is unique. After finishing the yarns we have several skilled knitters that personally contributes to the final design by placing the different colors and structure of the yarns, finishing the Uma with their magical touch and skilled color sense.

Our hand knitted products have an extraordinary story. It is a story in which animals and people work together, closely and always with the natural fibers and look in mind.

In the process of making the Uma yarns we mix wool and alpaca fibre in order to obtain the most interesting look and the softest feel.

In United Kingdom there are small organic farmers that keep rare and native breeds of sheep. The sheep live in the hilly landscape and are taken care of by the farmers with the only two purposes of maintaining the breed and to work with the very distinctive fleece.

Our wool comes from this lovely farm

Our alpaca comes from these cuties

Our Samojede (dog fibers) comes from local danish owners of the Samojede dog who finds it meaningful to gather the excess hair that their dog produces, and send it to us. It feels good not to throw away something that has its perfect use in our Uma products.