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Since choice of materials plays a huge role in a product’s environmental footprint, our approach to material selection is very determined and deliberate. Consequently, we only work with high quality materials such as wool, silk and organic cotton characterised by longevity, a comfortable feel on the body and the low impact on the environment possible.  


We love and prefer working with natural looking materials, and have a clear vision of making clothes that is state-of-the-art. For many of our natural fibres, we prefer the original colour of the materials. Most of our knitwear are made in the natural colours of the animal, and this means that the yarns have a natural glow, imperfections and also some variation in colour. However, while we mostly choose natural looking colours, we do also love other colours. We just choose them very carefully, favouring colours that we, with certainty, would also love for many years to come.  


Leftover fabrics

One of the ways we try to minimise our environmental impact is by using leftover materials from various quality suppliers. Leftover fabric – often also referred to as deadstock material – is fabric that has already been produced, and is leftover because it has been cancelled from a previous order or simply has a few metres left to be used. By giving excess fabrics a new life, we are able to continue the circular process and reduce excess waste, while also giving your garment an exclusive, limited touch.