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Product care

Proem Parades always strives to create the most valuable product for you. Valuable in terms of a natural material (see our fiber tool for explanation), a fair and environment considered value chain with minimal CO2 emissions and a great fit and long living design for each style. When we pass the product to you we also pass some of the responsibility for a long life and even an eternal circular life, to you!

That is why we want to give you below guidelines to how you keep life to your clothing.

Woven & jersey

  • Wash less and reduce your environmental footprint. Only wash when it is really needed, often some fresh air and some spot cleaning can do the trick.
  • Avoid washing over 30 degrees and wash with similar colors, with the inside out. Washing with lower temperatures will make your clothes live longer and you will save energy, and money.
  • Use only little detergent and avoid fabric softener and bleach. This way you will keep our water clean. Choose Eco labeled options (like The Swan).
  • Use a laundry bag for finer materials (silk, tencel, wool etc) always with the inside out.
  • Hang to dry instead of tumble dry. This also makes your clothes smell fresh and clean.
  • When ironing use as low heat as possible and preferable use a steamer instead, as this is not as rough to the fibers.  
  • Repair when broken. Most likely you can put on a loose button. Try to fix it instead of throwing away a perfectly fine pieces of clothing.
  • Follow the care labels for instructions and be aware that it is an indication of the highest temperature allowed.


  • Use only wool detergent for wool (and most other natural fibers in knitwear).
  • Never hang your wet knitwear, it will loose shape and maybe even break. Instead lay it to dry.
  • Avoid directl sunlight when drying.
  • Dry or “clean” from fresh air. Often knitwear only need some fresh air as many of the natural fibers, as wool for instance, have a self cleaning  capability.
  • When you store your knitwear lay it instead of hanging.
  • Treat your knit with care, especially when it is handknitted.
  • Pilling is not uncommon for natural materials (such as wool, merino, alpaca, yak, cashmere and so on). Most likely you can remove most of it yourself with a gently touch. Brush with a sweater stone or gently try to comb to remove the pilling.  

Consumer impact

The entire foundation of Proem Parades is based on minimizing waste and making the consumer choose the right products. By creating a concept that makes the end consumer think in an innovative and visionary way we hopefully already at this point limit the impulsive kind of shopping that often leads to mis-selling. However there will always be some products that you do not use as much as expected, therefore we encourage you to think circulare and give the garment a new life after you are done with it.

This is what we recommend:

  • Give the garment to someone else who will care for it.
  • Swap with someone else and benefit from others hidden treasures.
  • Sell it through a second shop or at a flea market.
  • Throughout the last couple of years many companies have specialized in leasing exclusive clothing. Contact the one you prefer.
  • Give it to charity (locally or Internationally depending on you preferences).
  • Upcycling; If you are creative yourself, transform the garment to something new like kids clothing, exclusive accessories (like silk scrunchies), new dish towels (if it is a cotton quality) and so on.
  • When your clothing is worn out give it to one the larger companies who collect clothing for reuse.


In all ways possible, for a company in our scale, we try to minimize the use of plastic. We demand from our suppliers not to use polybags for development samples, fabric cuts and other things were it is avoidable. When shipping our production we still cannot avoid polybags, therefore we try to use reusable plastic, biodegradable plastic or bags that live up to Polyethylene PE-LD-04 or Polypropylene PP-05.

The cartons we use, along with all paper in the office is either FSC certified or made from reused paper.

All our trimmings are made by a Danish supplier, with production in China, and our hang tags are FSC certified as well.

Our brand bags as well as our laundry bags are made from organic cotton and have a high value in use. We have made the decision about receiving a brand bag or not, up to the consumer. If you already have several bags that you do not use we encourage you not to click the ‘yes’ button and save it for someone else. That being said, we would love for you to have one, but it is your choice.