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Where are your clothing produced?

Our clothing are produced in Portugal, Lithuania, Italy, India and China. Our handmade items are made in Denmark.

How do you ensure prime labor condition? 

We have a close relationship with our manufacturers and are drawn to handcrafted, quality items made by real knitters and people with generation of experience. To ensure prime labor condition we work with several certifications, along with our suppliers: GOTS, BSCI, OEKO-TEX, SEFEX SMETA and FSC. All our suppliers have signed our Code of Conduct. 


What is on-demand fashion? 

On-demand production is an innovative model to diverge from fast fashion’s traditional routine of producing clothes that are not sold. Unsold items are the main problem of the tons of generated textiles waste in the world. With an On-demand model we only produce clothes that are already sold.

How is on-demand fashion sustainable?

On-demand is overall a more sustainable way to produce. It does not only eliminate waste but is also a slower way of production with an eye for the craftsmanship behind the product. On-demand allows for the clothes to be made in high quality and to give the clothes a longer active life.

Is on-demand the future of fashion? 

Fast fashion is about consuming all trends at once and consuming cheaply. Seeing fashion as a way of art has lost its meaning over the years. The on-demand concept honors the craftmanship of fashion – and even though it means customers must wait for the styles they desire; more and more consumers believe on-demand is a responsible alternative. 


How can I slow down my fashion consumption?

Buy seasonless, invest in a good basic wardrobe of high quality and timeless styles. Don’t think of clothing as disposable. Take good care of the clothing. Use Proem Parades repair service - contact us at

How am I contributing to environmental responsible choices when shopping with Proem Parades? 

Our innovative business model is a shift from fast fashion to slow fashion, where we produce only what we sell. All our products are made within the frame of maximum use and minimum impact on the environment. Learn more.

How do I do use of your free Repair Service?

If you have a Proem Parades style that needs a little love, please contact us at and we will let you know about the procedure for getting your garment repaired to live a longer active life.


Why does a B-corp certification matter? 

The B-corp certification is one of the only truly holistic certifications in the world – this ensures that the certified companies are verified to be transparent, responsible and sustainable all around, and in everything they do. 

For Proem Parades obtaining the B-corp certification is a prove that we do business with a higher purpose – to benefit all people, communities and ultimately, the planet. 

Why should I shop with a certified B-corp company? 

When you as a consumer encounter the B-corp certificate, you can be safe and sure that the given company lives up to the highest environmental as well as social standards.