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Q & A´s for the curious ones

Q’s & A’s for the curious ones

Why should people prefer waiting for something for such a long time when everything else is so accessible and easy to purchase these days?

Our entire concept is based on the fact that we want people to rediscover the value of quality clothing and to understand the natural and true pace of a production. We believe by forcing people to think about the future instead of being too impulsive we can minimize waste in consumerism a lot. When living in a part of the world where, for the most of us, almost everything is achievable and you can purchase most of the stuff you want, we would like people to return to the times where the expectation of something was as thrilling as actually receiving it. 

Speaking about sustainability - wouldn’t it be more sustainable not to purchase anything at all? If we assume most of us already have what we basically need?

Yes, buying nothing at all, eating very little and only locally, never travelling unless on your bike etc. would be the best way of life - from a strictly sustainable point of view. However, from an evolutionary point of view the human being have always strived for better ways of living, new adventures and development. This is also how we evolved from living in caves to going to universities. Both of us are motivated by ethics and aesthetics. We get thrilled by a piece of art - we do not necessarily need it, but we simply love it. Art is not necessary for mere survival but essential to a life worth living. And - We are no saints! That being said, we parade for people to live and consume more cleverly and choose products that are made under decent circumstances.

For our daily transport and freight we almost always choose the green option striving to ship our goods on sea, but sometimes this is not possible and we are sadly compelled to choose air freight. We are not claiming to be perfect, but we do commit ourselves always trying to find the greener and more innovative solution. What might be the best solution today might not be it tomorrow, and we will be ready to change. 

Is sustainability just a buzz fashion word these days?- like a normal trend that only lasts for a couple of seasons?

Looking at climate changes and the big division we have in the world between rich and poor, we think it is pretty obvious that sustainability is here to stay. For us thinking of CSR is a natural part of developing a company in 2019. Proem Parades is here to offer a more sustainable choice. It is the quality product that sells sustainability, not the other way around. 

Here's a classic question - what inspires you?

People, stories and feelings in general. Sometimes small details in unexpected places. Mostly the inspiration appears when you least expect it, and then it also feels more original. Somehow our inspiration often roots back to people and personalities. We do not build up our collections on different themes created for this one season. As we think more about creating a complete wardrobe for our customers and so our source for inspiration is ongoing.

What does the name Proem Parades mean?

"Proem" is a composition and a free interpretation of "proudly made" - cause that is what our products are. "Parade" is a word known to most people. For us it is a word that underlines that we are opinionated about how and why we create clothing, and finally, it is the name of our made-to-order events.