Where can I buy your items? 

You can buy our styles at our Parades or on our webshop. We don’t sell our items in a physical store. Occasionally we do pop-ups around Denmark. Please stay updated on upcoming events here.

Where can I try on your clothing? 

You can try on our collections at our Parades that happens 3-4 times a year in Copenhagen. If you are not able to attend our Parades, please contact us at hello@proem-parades.com to arrange a specific time to visit our showroom.  

Why do you not do sales? 

We have a strict no-sale policy. This is a cornerstone of the Proem-philosophy. Our clothes are designed to last a lifetime, not just a season. We don’t believe that our clothes lose value over time. The no-sale policy is also a part of not producing seasonal as well as not producing more than what is sold.